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For the Sumo Digital Rising star Games Animation competition I created an Idle, Powering up, Release and Recovery animation using the Miko rig by Kiel Figgins. This project has helped me practice with creating game animation as well as bringing those animations into a game engine and I really want to improve and get good at this if i want to get into the games industry and want to do my own future projects as well. 

I've included screenshots of some poses from Maya and a video of the front and side views of the full sequence in UE4. I have also included the Maya files of all the animations as an alternative to Sketchfab because I was unable to upload my work to the site. 

I'm not entirely happy about the quality of my work as some things still need to be polished up however I've had lots of fun making this as well as getting feedback from some industry members as well has also helped very much.

I've also included the layout pass of my sequence to show some of the progression of this project and how some things changed from the initial idea. 

Rig from Kiel Figgins - http://www.3dfiggins.com/Store/


SDRS_GamesAnim_Documentation.pdf 1 MB
PreProduction.zip 4 MB
SDRS_MikoUE4Sequence.zip 671 MB
SDRS_Miko_MayaFiles.zip 169 MB

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